How I got into Motorsport

I often get asked just why I bother to watch motorsport - it's something that many of my friends and family don't quite understand. How do I sit there for hours on end watching cars go around in glorified circles? Well, that's a good question.

I fell in love with motorsport at the age of 13. I'd always been aware of Formula 1; my dad worked a lot when I was little so the weekends were special as I got to spend time with him. I remember going into my parent's bedroom on a Sunday morning and there'd be a race on. One of the first names I remember, perhaps oddly, was Timo Glock. I used to watch the order on the timing screens and try and memorise as many names as possible. I didn't cheer on anyone in particular but I was always happy if a British driver did well.

The first season I watched from start to finish, all sessions and press conferences, was 2013. I remember feeling a profound sense of sadness when Mark Webber retired. Odd, you may think. Yes, but F1 was beginning to become more than just a simple sport to me. I had fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

2014 saw me become the girl who was obsessed with F1 at school. I was in Year 11 and it became my escape. I loved school but I didn't always fit in - but with motorsport I felt like I could be myself. I got more involved with F1 twitter and I established Daniel Ricciardo as my favourite driver. My best friend, Victoria, also started to watch races with me although she was definitely team Sebastian Vettel!

I was 15 when I set my heart on working in the F1 paddock. Why, though? I became transfixed by the women in the paddock with the dictaphones. I thought they were cool - they were some of the few women I spotted and I realised if they could do it, so could I one day. The following year, I was lucky enough to win a competition to meet the Red Bull Racing drivers, including Ricciardo. That is a day I shall cherish forever - I got to go with my dad and Victoria and my uncle. Meeting those I admired with my favourite people was magical. Pure. Magic.

From that moment onwards, my passion for motorsport has only intensified. I have explored motorsport much wider than purely F1 - from British GT and BTCC to FIA WEC and the F1 feeder series. I am at my happiest when there's racing. It brings me so much joy.

I must admit, I was worried at the end of last year. I'd gone through a bit of a rough patch and I was commuting almost three hours each way to university. I was drained and I was worried that the spark for racing had gone. However, in March this year - just before the UK went into lockdown - I went to Silverstone for the BTCC media day. Immediately, the fire within me was lit and I was stood, smiling. My boss probably thought I was a bit weird...but hey!

Motorsport proved to be a lifeline to me during lockdown. I was working night shifts at Tesco and also delivering shopping. It was mentally and physically draining, but the Twitter community provided some much needed cheer. I was delighted to be able to head back to the paddock in August and I've since attended all the British GT rounds.

Despite being very busy with many different series, I always try and make time for F1. It was the pillar that started my love for racing and I owe it a lot.

I still absolutely adore F1 - I'm just fortunate to have found many more amazing series across the globe to watch and enjoy!

So, there you have it, that's how I got into motorsport.