My motorsport year

2019, what a year you have been. From watching the first W Series champion being crowned to racing around Snetterton on BTCC race day in a golf buggy, the past 12-months have been nothing short of incredible.

I came into this year with one goal: to not regret anything. Now, I am safe to say that I have many reasons to smile. It has been one hell of a year.


2019 got underway with producing W Series for my own site. This was fun and I got to know many of the drivers as well as posing the question on whether or not the championship was necessary. My verdict after its inaugural season: most definitely.

Matt Bishop invited me to the season finale at Brands Hatch and I got to spend the day with the drivers, their friends and family and some new motorsport pals of my own. I also got to bump into Will Buxton and have a lovely chat. That man is a legend and hopefully I shall be bringing an interview with him soon!

The day had such a fantastic atmosphere and it was humbling to see the buzz around the drivers. Everyone was excited. Everyone was immersed in the spirit. Everyone was making their mark in history.

I cannot wait to follow the championship again next year. Fingers crossed I will be able to go abroad to one or two of the races too!


In April, I received a message on LinkedIn that changed my life. Yes, yes I know that is such a cliche thing to say but it is the only way to describe it. I went to several meetings and had a couple of phone calls to land the job as public relations officer for a motorsport management company.

Every day for five months, I got to spend my university summer holiday writing about motorsport. I worked with some incredible drivers - Mike Conway, Callum Ilott, and Gary Paffett to name just a few. I got to create websites, write press releases, arrange interviews, write magazines and drive a golf buggy. Personally, I still struggle to see how I was let loose driving guests about.

My boss was an ex-F1 driver and 24 Hours of Le Mans winner. Working with him was something I shall never forget. I learnt to have more confidence in myself while developing a number of skills. I shall ever be grateful to Alex for giving me the opportunity to take my first steps in the industry.


From British SuperBikes in April to Formula 1 in Austria, this year I have travelled to more circuits than ever before - including Brands Hatch five times and Silverstone...well, I have lost count how many trips I have made there! One thing is for certain though - the M25 is officially my best friend...

Experiencing my first WEC race was possibly the highlight. I got to take my dad and spent the day in the BRDC clubhouse cheering on two of our clients. I fell in love with a new championship that day. Maybe I will make it to Le Mans some year soon!


For the past few months I have been working on social content for The Silverstone Experience. If you are a motorsport fan then you must visit this brand-new museum based at the circuit. It is a trip down memory lane and more as you delve deep into the circuit's history.

I have also re-branded Females in Motorsport and developed a content plan for the coming year. I did get asked whether the platform was necessary and the short answer is yes.

Until there is equality across motorsport, there will always be a need for women in the industry to be showcased to encourage others.

While my year has been full of highs, I and a number of mutuals have been battered by sexism and harassment. Motorsport is tough and you need thick skin to handle the knocks, but that does not make it acceptable for others to bully and belittle you. We will not let you win!


I graduate from university next year and when I write my post in 2020, I would love to say that I am working full-time in motorsport. Whether that be as a journalist or PR, I am very much open-minded. I know where my passion lies and I will do my utmost to make it a reality.

So, there is a quick round up of my year. Enjoy your Christmases and I will be back very soon... x